Sanitiser Gel Blister Pack (200ml x 12)

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Specially formulated Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel for completely sanitising your hands. This Hand Sanitiser is perfect for everyday use to leave your hands feeling clean and protected against any nasty germs.

This quick acting and effective skin cleanser rapidly evaporates without leaving residue or odour, therefore it is suitable for food preparation, production and serving.

This Hand Sanitiser is also ideal for use in non surgical patient care establishments.

  • 70% alcohol content
  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • Quick drying, no water or rinse required
  • BS EN 1276 approved
  • BE EN 1500 approved
  • Made in the UK
  • 70% Alcohol
  • 0.2% Cosmetic thickener
  • 1% Emollient
  • Water
Directions for Use
Apply a small amount to the palm and spread over your hands and lower forearms, paying attention to cuticles and creases in the skin. Rub thoroughly until the skin is dry. Drying your hands after use is not necessary.

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