Wall Mounted Automatic Dispenser


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For hygienic and efficient hand wash dosing, choose this automatic spray soap and sanitiser dispenser. This dispenser uses a sensor to automatically spray liquid hand soap or sanitiser. This minimises hand contact with the unit to eliminate cross contamination and help stop the spread of illness-causing germs in your washrooms. The dispenser is designed to produce a consistent 1ml dosage of spray soap or sanitiser. Not only will this reduce costly wastage, but it'll also ensure staff and customers are always using the correct amount of solution needed to thoroughly wash their hands. The user-friendly design also makes replenishing this dispenser as simple as possible.

  • Touch-free hand soap or sanitizer spray dispenser.
  • Touchless operation to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs.
  • ECO friendly product and long-lasting unit.
  • The most HYGIENIC soap dispensing solution.
  • Sight window makes it easy to check refill level.
  • White finishe.
  • Enable significant cost savings and reduce labor.
  • Made of durable plastic, the keyed system helps reduce pilferage.
  • CE compliant.
  • Motor: 1400RPM, 0.5W 
  • Voltage: 6V (4 x AA batteries)
  • Capacity: 1.200 litres
  • Dose/Pump: 1.0ml
  • Sensor Range: 3 - 10cm
  • Battery Life: 70,000 cycles
  • Drop Type: Spray Soap/Sanitizer
  • Alcohol Content: 80% (max)
  • Viscosity: 550 - 2,500 Cps
  • Color: White
  • Body Material: High Impact ABS
  • Unit Net Weight: 0.7kg
  • Do Not Use:  Soap contains chlorine or solid or abrasive particles
Capacity1.2 litres
MaterialABS plastic
Dosage1ml per pump
Dimensions / Weight
Power supply
Power supply4pcs of 1.5V batteries
Warranty12 mth spare parts warranty
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